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The heroine of the future world

The heroine of the future world

Author: Zuo Qiu Guangxu

category: Fantasy

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-27

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《 The heroine of the future world 》

A red light shot up to the sky. The dungeon that held the Lady Demoness Jun Xiaomo for hundreds of days on end finally collapsed with a loud tremor.

Jun Xiaomo had not planned to walk down the path of demonic cultivation again in this present life. Her previous life experiences were sufficient to pave a way for an extremely smooth spirit cultivation. That is why she saw no need to risk her life pursuing the ways of demonic cultivation. However, life had already determined otherwise. At the young age of sixteen years, Jun Xiaomo’s body had already been pervaded with demonic energy.

No matter what, she was not going to let the bloody scene which happened 30 years later repeat itself. If anyone dared to hurt the people which mattered to her, it would have to be over her dead body!

Introduction: 《 The heroine of the future world 》

If other people were present, they would surely be given the impression that Jun Xiaomo was bullying Yu Wanrou. In truth, Jun Xiaomo had not even said a single thing.

Perhaps He Zhang was somehow involved in instigating her to enter the Sect’s forbidden grounds. Otherwise, how would one explain the mysterious origins of the demonic energy in her body?

She had been too careless. In order to quickly acquire her demonic body, she had absorbed and directed a large amount of demonic energy into her meridians and Dantian, using them to refine and transform her meridians. However, absorbing demonic energy without any suitable and compatible refinement technique was extremely dangerous, as the demonic energy could erupt from within the body at any time. Just like right now!

《 The heroine of the future world 》latest chapter

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