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Misty Building

Misty Building

Author: Trader Tig

category: Traverse

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Misty Building 》

He Zhang’s eyes glimmered with a flash of light, and this did not go unnoticed by Jun Xiaomo’s keen senses. As He Zhang turned his head towards Liu Qingmei, he wore on his face an expression of care and concern.

Therefore, this degree of pain was really nothing to Jun Xiaomo.

Qin Shanshan’s face stiffened. Why is she so slow to catch on today? She bit down on her lips and walked closer to Jun Xiaomo’s side. Holding onto Jun Xiaomo’s arms, and with pouting lips, Qin Shanshan said pitifully, “Sister Xiaomo, I’ve finished using almost all of the spirit stones given by my brother this month. But I really like this hairpin, is it possible…”

Introduction: 《 Misty Building 》

Sandalwood furniture, lilac veils, and a young…mother.

He Zhang had mentioned that she was to take one pill a day, and she would have fully recovered within a month. That is to say, the jade bottle must contain enough medicine for at least one month.

This type of feeling was not pleasant at all. It felt as though her meridians and Dantian were being torn to shreds, and then burnt with Threefold Essenceflame at the same time. It was intensely hot and unbearably painful. She even had to remain conscious throughout this entire process.

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