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91 heat

91 heat

Author: Lao Yiliang

category: terror

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 91 heat 》

With such a refinement technique, the demonic energy in her body would not only cease to be a misfortune to her; it could even be said to be her greatest blessing!

In other words, Jun Xiaomo had to give up her eighth level of Qi Mastery which she had painstakingly acquired to date!

After completing her preparations, Jun Xiaomo weakly slid back down onto the floor, completely drenched in her own perspiration. Agony was written all over her face, yet her eyes shone with fierce determination.

Introduction: 《 91 heat 》

Having been reborn for some time now, this was the first time she had felt so much at ease.

Qin Shanshan’s face stiffened. Why is she so slow to catch on today? She bit down on her lips and walked closer to Jun Xiaomo’s side. Holding onto Jun Xiaomo’s arms, and with pouting lips, Qin Shanshan said pitifully, “Sister Xiaomo, I’ve finished using almost all of the spirit stones given by my brother this month. But I really like this hairpin, is it possible…”

Bang! Jun Xiaomo slammed shut the door of her room and slid onto the floor.

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