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Fengyun first knife txt download

Fengyun first knife txt download

Author: Wei Feifeng

category: history

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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Because of this, Jun Xiaomo’s father, Jun Linxuan brashly wanted to pick a fight with the five Sect Elders. However, Liu Qingmei was able to dissuade him. After all, it was already considered a light punishment that Jun Xiaomo was not excommunicated from the Sect. If Jun Linxuan had pressed the issue, they would certainly be in the wrong. Furthermore, discounting the fact that Jun Linxuan would not be able to defeat the five Sect Elders on his own, this matter would in any event give people a basis to allege that Jun Linxuan was placing his own interests before the Sect’s.

Qin Shanshan had a trace of hope in her heart. She hoped that Jun Xiaomo would not be able to fully activate and power this formation array.

“Okay. Thank you, martial brother.” Liu Qingmei gratefully nodded.

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It was not a well-known fact that Jun Xiaomo and Yu Wanrou had come from the same sect. It was an even less known fact that Jun Xiaomo’s current predicament was caused by Yu Wanrou and her lackeys. Or perhaps, even if people knew, they might simply respond with a “well done”.

Her consciousness slowly but surely returned to the present, and she found her ears ringing with a high-pitched noise. Jun Xiaomo tried shaking her head to dispel the noise, only to realize that her head felt heavy as though it were made of lead.

With Qin Shanshan at the centre, the ground glowed with a red light, revealing a complicated pattern on the floor.

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