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Aojian Sky

Aojian Sky

Author: Dongmen Pinyun

category: city

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 Aojian Sky 》

After hearing the sound of the door closing and confirming that Liu Qingmei was still around, Jun Xiaomo finally relaxed herself.

Jun Xiaomo viciously bit down on her lower lips.

“Who is she…?” Jun Xiaomo hoarsely uttered. “She”, in this case, naturally referred to who the bride was – Qin Shanshan’s new sister-in-law.

Introduction: 《 Aojian Sky 》

“Mother only wishes that you will stop getting your mischievous self into trouble. If you can do that, mother will be very satisfied.” Liu Qingmei helplessly sighed. She had thought that the “long time” which Jun Xiaomo was talking about was merely these ten over days where she was bedridden. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that Jun Xiaomo was in fact referring to an entire lifetime.

Perhaps it was because she hadn’t spoken for such a long time, but her voice sounded extremely hoarse, like the grinding of gravel on the floor.

Her consciousness slowly but surely returned to the present, and she found her ears ringing with a high-pitched noise. Jun Xiaomo tried shaking her head to dispel the noise, only to realize that her head felt heavy as though it were made of lead.

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