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Waiwai Comics-Homepage Weekly Free

Author: Kuma Xinwei

category: Science fiction

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Waiwai Comics-Homepage Weekly Free 》

“Ah--? Regard for fellow disciples and friendship?” Jun Xiaomo looked as though she had just thought of something hilarious. Stifling a cold chuckle, she stared at Qin Shanshan and asked slowly, “Qin Shanshan, back when you instigated me to enter the Sect’s forbidden ground, what regard did you have for your “fellow disciple”? When I got punished by the Sect Elders and lay completely bedridden, what regard did you have for our friendship? When you stabbed me in the back under the guise of cordiality, what regard did you have for our relationship? Don’t you think that the ‘regard’ you have is completely and utterly laughable?!”

“Thank you, martial brother.” Liu Qingmei tightly gripped the jade bottle in her hands. She lifted her head to He Zhang and said, “Once Linxuan returns from his closed-door cultivation, I will definitely get him to thank you properly.”

As the demonic energy within Jun Xiaomo’s body charged around violently, Jun Xiaomo raised her right hand and channeled all of the demonic energy through her meridians into her palm.

Introduction: 《 Waiwai Comics-Homepage Weekly Free 》

What exactly happened to Mo-Mo in the forbidden grounds? Whilst Liu Qingmei gently stroked Jun Xiaomo’s back, she slightly raised her eyebrows.

Jun Xiaomo’s hand trembled violently. Her meridians were burning up with such intense pain that she could barely maintain the grip on her brush.

Within the last century, there were two well-known female practitioners in the cultivation world. One was notorious for “evil”, while the other was well-reputed for “good”.

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