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Kendo Supreme

Kendo Supreme

Author: Zhang Jian Chunrui

category: history

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Kendo Supreme 》

She had to check what kind of damage her body had sustained. She remembered that this year was the year where her cultivation speed suddenly slowed down, such that she was no longer even a match for regular martial brothers and sisters. Even when her parents scoured high and low for spirit pills and miracle herbs, they did not seem to have any effect on her. No one could diagnose what the cause of such a change was. In the end, they could only suspect that her talent for cultivation had fallen as a result of the Sect Elders’ punishment.

Martial brother Ye?! Even though it was only a glimpse, there was no way Jun Xiaomo would not recognize that familiar figure. Tears involuntarily welled up in her eyes, and Jun Xiaomo sped after that figure without hesitation.

-plop- A drop of tear landed on Jun Xiaomo’s hand, and the sensation offered a small reprieve from the pain she was experiencing.

Introduction: 《 Kendo Supreme 》

“And, how dare you say that you are only ‘borrowing’? You just take an account now of what you have made me buy for you on the pretext of pleasing your brother. Have you ever repaid me for these things? This dress…these earrings…this bracelet…even this Interspatial Ring …”

Following which, she grinned and left the store jauntily. Qin Shanshan could only stare at her back as she left.

However, the moment Yu Wanrou opened the bottle, a thick layer of spiritual energy wafted out, causing anyone who inhaled it to feel extremely comfortable.

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