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Mu Xiaodie

Mu Xiaodie

Author: Wusun Huanhuan

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 Mu Xiaodie 》

Now, faced with Jun Xiaomo’s question, Yu Wanrou could not help but think that the cat was out of the bag!

“My parents’ death also reeked of Qin Lingyu’s schemes, does it not? He’s a loyal dog of the Sect Leader!”

The Jun Xiaomo now looked as though she were once again heavily wounded. Her face was sickly pale colour, while crimson red blood oozed out of the corner of her mouth. The stark contrast of these colours was chilling.

Introduction: 《 Mu Xiaodie 》

“Cough, cough…” Yu Wanrou violently coughed twice, and a bloody stench momentarily diffused from her mouth. Splotches of blood stains were strewn all over her clothes.

Forget it. We will cross the bridge when we get there. He Zhang silently thought to himself. He Zhang began making his way to the door, saying, “Martial sister, I’ve still got to handle some Sect-related matters, so I won’t bother you any further. If you need any more help, please feel free to look for me.”

At this moment, a suffocating feeling welled up within Jun Xiaomo, and she immediately coughed up a bloody sputum.

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