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Future myth

Future myth

Author: Yu Jihai

category: Schoolgirl

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 Future myth 》

The tragedy of the massacre at Dawn Sect’s Heavenly Peak did not gain any pity from the world. Numerous cultivators even felt that Heavenly Peak deserved it. After all, they deserve to be massacred if they had sheltered and concealed a demonic practitioner.

Jun Xiaomo picked up the jade bottle, tossed it in the air and firmly caught it with her hand.

Introduction: 《 Future myth 》

After fleeing for her life for decades and then spending more than three hundred days in that dark and dank dungeon, Jun Xiaomo had almost forgotten the carefree feeling of casually browsing at the markets. Jun Xiaomo took in sights and sounds before her. The dazzling array of goods on display at each booth. The merchants dressed in various bright-coloured garments – some standing behind their booths, while others sat lazily waiting for their next customer. Some merchants yelled loudly to promote their products, while others found themselves haggling with difficult customers. The hubbub of the bustling market brought a wide smile to Jun Xiaomo’s face.

Jun Xiaomo smiled to herself in a self-deprecating manner. She should have known better – who could resist the charms of Yu Wanrou?

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