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Golden Eye Novel

Golden Eye Novel

Author: Mo Xian

category: campus

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-27

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《 Golden Eye Novel 》

A ragged, thin figure was curled up in the corner of the dungeon – her disheveled hair obscuring her face. Her arms wrapped around her legs, and her head was buried in her knees. Day after day, she maintained this posture, completely motionless. It was almost as though she were dead.

With such a refinement technique, the demonic energy in her body would not only cease to be a misfortune to her; it could even be said to be her greatest blessing!

Introduction: 《 Golden Eye Novel 》

The debts owed in her previous life – Jun Xiaomo was determined to claw them back, bit by bit.

As for He Zhang, Liu Qingmei still perceived him to be one of the more trustworthy people around.

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