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Author: Mountain Banfu

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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Qin Shanshan: ……

“Mo-Mo, don’t scare your mother like that. Hurry up and wake up alright?” Liu Qingmei was well-reputed to be a strong and courageous lady. Yet faced with her daughter’s serious injuries, she was unable to keep herself calm and composed. The tears she shed over these past few days far outnumbered the tears she had shed over the past year combined! To make matters worse, her husband had entered closed-door cultivation, and she could only forcefully bear the frustration and pain in her heart alone.

Ever since her sixteen year-old daughter received punishment for entering the Sect’s forbidden ground, her daughter had been trapped in a nightmare, unable to awaken from her slumber. Liu Qingmei was initially furious at her daughter’s mischievous and naughty ways. Yet, after a few days, Liu Qingmei’s anger quickly turned into a deep concern for her.

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Compared with the strength of some of these cultivators, the present Jun Xiaomo was like an ant in front of a towering tree. It would be wishful thinking to even attempt to stir the leaves of the tree. Therefore, Jun Xiaomo decided not to engage in these affairs for now.

Perhaps her acquisition of a demonic body was artificially caused by someone’s meddlesome orchestration and schemes. Jun Xiaomo’s eyes flashed coldly. She had a few suspects in mind, but she was not able to say with any certainty.

“Big brother He, Mo-Mo’s injuries seem to have worsened.” Liu Qingmei said with concern, tacitly pleading for help. Her husband was after all in closed-door cultivation, while the Sect Elders were still furious about Jun Xiaomo’s entry into the Sect’s forbidden grounds. The only other person which Liu Qingmei could rely on for help was martial brother He Zhang, who had always been looking out for her.

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