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I became the brother's daughter

I became the brother's daughter

Author: Butianzhi

category: city

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 I became the brother's daughter 》

Only then, the end result would be completely out of the scheming person’s control.

Yet even so, such madness was also a trait of demonic cultivators. They were outrageously capricious, filled with bravado, and they always seem to exude an aura of cruel fanaticism and madness. In fact, this type of madness is so deeply etched into the core and souls of these demonic cultivators that even if they are reborn ten times, they would still be unable to change this identity of theirs.

Introduction: 《 I became the brother's daughter 》

With this array, even the most immense outburst of demonic energy could be contained and isolated within the room. Naturally, others would not sense anything amiss even if her demonic energy erupts right now. In her previous life, in order to conceal the existence of demonic energy from her body, Jun Xiaomo had devoted such a substantial amount of time researching and studying similar arrays that she could even replicate these drawings with her eyes closed.

“Hehe…what are you trying to do?” Jun Xiaomo invoked the residual spiritual energy within her body, firmly pressing her blood-stained palm to the floor.

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