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The exo novel of the cold heroine

The exo novel of the cold heroine

Author: Mao Zhixu

category: Traverse

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 The exo novel of the cold heroine 》

Yu Wanrou knew that Qin Lingyu was a man with great ambitions. If their relationship were to get in the way of his ambitions, there was no doubt that he would abandon the relationship first. For this reason, Yu Wanrou had always been very careful not to overstep boundaries when interacting with Qin Lingyu, lest she rouses Jun Xiaomo’s suspicions.

Presently, it was just that her emotions were stirred time and again because she could now once again see the ones whom she had loved and lost.

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Introduction: 《 The exo novel of the cold heroine 》

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The words “Jun Xiaomo” were synonymous with “terrifying”, “bloodthirsty” and “Lady Demoness”, causing people to instinctually retreat in fear, while “Yu Wanrou” would be the exact converse. Almost all the male cultivators were willing to throw themselves at Yu Wanrou with the hope of becoming her partner.

This also turned out to be the final time that Ye Xiuwen would come to save Jun Xiaomo, because this time, he perished in the process of doing so. Worse, he perished under the blade of the woman that he loved.

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