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The leisure life of the medicine doctor

The leisure life of the medicine doctor

Author: Huaiyao

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 The leisure life of the medicine doctor 》

“Hey dear...Mo-Mo, where does it hurt? Tell Mum, alright?” The beautiful lady sat beside the bed watched her daughter. Her eyes were filled with pain and heartache that only mothers know of. She tenderly and patiently wiped off the sweat on Jun Xiaomo’s body with her handkerchief.

“What happened to Mo-Mo?” A low voice rang from outside. Immediately after that, a tall figure strode into the room.

If she had really fainted there, then perhaps her death would not be out of the question. A person’s heart and Dantian are located in very close proximity. With this blow, Jun Xiaomo had not only shattered her Dantian, she had also inadvertently jolted her heart.

Introduction: 《 The leisure life of the medicine doctor 》

For every item which Jun Xiaomo pointed out, she stretched her hand to touch each of them. This caused Qin Shanshan to tremble uncontrollably – both in humiliation and rage. The commotion here also attracted many onlookers, whose prying eyes seemed to burn a hole through the outer appearances of Qin Shanshan and expose her true rotten core, causing her soul to ignite with fury and embarrassment.

“It’s not that. It’s just that it feels like I haven’t seen you in such a long time, so I can’t bear to see you leave me.” Jun Xiaomo deeply missed the familiar lotus fragrance gently diffusing from her mother. Ever since the death of her mother in her previous life, she could only experience this fragrance in her dreams.

Even if a conflict arose, she would always ensure that she came out on top, and that other would always find fault to belie Jun Xiaomo, not her. Since young, Jun Xiaomo had always been sheltered and pampered by her parents and martial brothers, and naturally developed a fearless, unruly and headstrong temperament. Therefore, it was not a difficult thing to make others place the blame on Jun Xiaomo in any situation.

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