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Online Games Dragon Grammarist

Online Games Dragon Grammarist

Author: Dongguo Wuzi

category: city

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 Online Games Dragon Grammarist 》

A bloody taste welled up at the tip of Jun Xiaomo’s tongue. This smell was extremely pungent, yet it was the same familiar smell which had accompanied her in the three hundred or more days which she had been held captive in the dark and dank dungeon.


“Was Qin Lingyu marrying me for the dowry he received?”

Introduction: 《 Online Games Dragon Grammarist 》

Jun Xiaomo had not physically assaulted Qin Shanshan, yet Qin Shanshan’s felt as though she had just been slapped on the face. She was so furious that she wanted to just tear that mouth in front of her into pieces!

Qin Shanshan was fifteen years-old – one year younger than Jun Xiaomo. She had just attained the fifth level of Qi Mastery, and such accessories that were imbued with low-level defensive spells would be perfect for her. Besides, the Purple Phoenix Feather Hairpin looked exquisite. Even if she were not yet qualified to equip it, she could always display it at home and keep it for future use. However, her father was not a Peakmaster or a source of immeasurable wealth, and she had to be frugal with how she used her allowances. How could she afford to splurge on these accessories?

Ahh…it hurts… The bones of her entire body felt as though they had been shattered. She couldn’t even lift one finger.

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