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Female match against the main god

Female match against the main god

Author: Hu Donghui

category: Martial arts

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 Female match against the main god 》

Jun Xiaomo’s silence caused Qin Shanshan to feel bored. After all, since they were both young, Jun Xiaomo had always been better than her – birthright, looks, talent, and even cultivation! Qin Shanshan couldn’t accept it. However, under her brother Qin Lingyu’s orders, Qin Shanshan had no choice but to remain cordial and feign civility with Jun Xiaomo.

In her previous life, even after her body was artificially transformed into a demonic body, she ignorantly continued to practice spiritual cultivation. Naturally, her cultivation progress came to a complete halt because her meridians were no longer suitable for the flow of spiritual energy. But now… Jun Xiaomo’s lips curled up with a wry smile, and her eyes gleamed coldly.

Before Jun Xiaomo was finished, she suddenly took a step forward. Qin Shanshan took a step back in fear, only to find herself caught by Jun Xiaomo by her sleeves.

Introduction: 《 Female match against the main god 》

“I…I…” Yu Wanrou stuttered. Her eyes quivered evasively – a sign of her guilty conscience.

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“Mum, am I dead?” Jun Xiaomo asked with a bitter smile on her lips. No matter what, having had the opportunity to see her mother one last time before being reincarnated, Jun Xiaomo was very satisfied.

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