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Xiao Fei

Xiao Fei

Author: Situ Jinghong

category: Traverse

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Xiao Fei 》

“What happened to Mo-Mo?” A low voice rang from outside. Immediately after that, a tall figure strode into the room.

Save for people who possessed a demonic body, the people who could automatically absorb demonic energy were few and far between. Some people are naturally born with demonic bodies, and fated to become demonic cultivators; while others acquire a demonic body later on in their life.

Introduction: 《 Xiao Fei 》

Qin Shanshan’s face stiffened. Why is she so slow to catch on today? She bit down on her lips and walked closer to Jun Xiaomo’s side. Holding onto Jun Xiaomo’s arms, and with pouting lips, Qin Shanshan said pitifully, “Sister Xiaomo, I’ve finished using almost all of the spirit stones given by my brother this month. But I really like this hairpin, is it possible…”

“Every man for himself, and the Devil takes the hindmost.” Qin Shanshan finally said.

《 Xiao Fei 》latest chapter

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