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Xia An

Xia An

Author: Yu Chi Guangxu

category: city

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-28

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《 Xia An 》

She therefore chose to vent all her frustrations and grievances on Jun Xiaomo.


Introduction: 《 Xia An 》

She might even have been a little dissatisfied and sore about not qualifying to practice that refinement technique back then. This was because despite so, she would nevertheless from time to time retrieve it from her Interspatial Ring and pore through it, until the technique was finally fully etched in her mind. At that time, she never imagined that she would be given a second shot at life and that this technique would in fact come in handy!

Qin Lingyu, I bet you never would have imagined that I would use such a method to finally bring mutual destruction to both of us.

《 Xia An 》latest chapter

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