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Plug-in plug-in plug-in

Plug-in plug-in plug-in

Author: Zhang Jiazhiying

category: Science fiction

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Plug-in plug-in plug-in 》

However, even this simple act caused Jun Xiaomo to experience excruciating pain! She groaned in pain and slammed back down onto the bed, fading in and out of consciousness.

After the massacre at Heavenly Peak, Ye Xiuwen managed to escape with Jun Xiaomo, falling from the grace of a glorified Peakmaster to that of a persecuted fugitive charged with sheltering a Lady Demoness.

Therefore, she wanted to manipulate Jun Xiaomo into buying this as a gift for her. In order to please her future sister-in-law, the former Jun Xiaomo would have done so with no reservations.

Introduction: 《 Plug-in plug-in plug-in 》

Liu Qingmei’s heart sank again. She tucked Jun Xiaomo into bed carefully, saying, “Alright. Don’t be afraid, Mo-Mo. Mum is here with you.”

In other words, the logic of the world dictated that if Jun Xiaomo’s body contained demonic energy, she was a demonic cultivator and deserved to die.

“Who knows? The Euphoria-Stimulating Incense that night wasn’t too bad was it? I initially intended for you to be involved with my brother so that that detestable Yu Wanrou would finally be off his back. Little did I expect you to be so useless. Not only did you end up frolicking with a stranger, you even got pregnant with a stranger’s child!”

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