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Helpless Three Kingdoms txt

Helpless Three Kingdoms txt

Author: Bu Lianqing

category: Martial arts

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Helpless Three Kingdoms txt 》

This was because her love for Qin Lingyu had dissipated together with her death in her previous life. How could she bring herself to be Yu Wanrou’s “love rival” in this life again?

“Mm.” Jun Xiaomo responded with a low voice. At the same time, she pressed her forehead against Liu Qingmei’s shoulder, rubbing it ever so gently and lovingly.

Qin Shanshan frowned, with ever-growing abhorrence in her eyes. “Haaa--? My brother?” She hooked her lips into a smile full of ridicule and derision, “Jun Xiaomo, are you still expecting my brother to come and save you? Do you know what day it is today? Today is the day that he marries my new sister-in-law! He is in love – do you really expect that you, a murderous demoness, would even cross his mind?!”

Introduction: 《 Helpless Three Kingdoms txt 》

As it was right now, she did not have the power to oppose He Zhang. She had no choice but to maintain a cordial attitude with He Zhang so that he would not raise any suspicions about her.

As her concentration deepened, Jun Xiaomo entered a mysterious state where her “inner vision” enabled her to inspect her Dantian’s condition.

Jun Xiaomo was not flustered at all. She converged her spiritual energy around her Dantian, swirling them around ever so slowly and carefully, like a hunter seeking out a prey.

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