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Galaxy Lich

Galaxy Lich

Author: Pu Dahuangluo

category: Fantasy

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Galaxy Lich 》

This time, Jun Xiaomo finally managed to successfully complete the talisman array.

“Mum…” Jun Xiaomo’s voice was filled with emotions. She wanted to lift her hand to see if her mother was real or not. Only, the pain in her hand prevented her from doing so.

Introduction: 《 Galaxy Lich 》

“Who’s there?!” Jun Xiaomo looked sharply at the source of the noise.

It was not a well-known fact that Jun Xiaomo and Yu Wanrou had come from the same sect. It was an even less known fact that Jun Xiaomo’s current predicament was caused by Yu Wanrou and her lackeys. Or perhaps, even if people knew, they might simply respond with a “well done”.

《 Galaxy Lich 》latest chapter

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