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The wildest god of war

The wildest god of war

Author: Mu Yunshao

category: city

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 The wildest god of war 》

If Jun Xiaomo had eyes right now, the tears which she had accumulated her whole life would flow out like waters from a broken dam.

On the other side, a few hours after Jun Xiaomo had left, Yu Wanrou finally regained her consciousness.

Introduction: 《 The wildest god of war 》

Because of how she had served on Qin Shanshan a little bit of her just desserts, Jun Xiaomo’s journey back to the Sect was filled with joy and elation. She accounted for the pills and medicine in her Interspatial Ring, ensuring that she was well prepared, before hastening her steps.

Basking in the comfort and love of her mother again, Jun Xiaomo gritted her teeth – it seems that time had reverted to when she was sixteen years old. This also happened to be the year where she experienced the largest turning point in her life.

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