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If snails have love

If snails have love

Author: Nara Zhiyu

category: Online games

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 If snails have love 》

Her child! She had already been pregnant for six months. Why did Yu Wanrou have to implicate the child in her plans? Even if people might say that a Lady Demoness’s child would be a vile spawn, why couldn’t they see for a fact that Jun Xiaomo would not have become a demonic cultivator had it not been for the schemes of others?!

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Introduction: 《 If snails have love 》

However, the very same demonic energy also turned out to be her greatest source of strength. It can be said that she had walked further on the path of demonic cultivation than most others in her generation, even attracting the envious gazes of cultivators of a higher cultivation level than her.

Because of how she had served on Qin Shanshan a little bit of her just desserts, Jun Xiaomo’s journey back to the Sect was filled with joy and elation. She accounted for the pills and medicine in her Interspatial Ring, ensuring that she was well prepared, before hastening her steps.

If not for the fact that she was presently too weak, Jun Xiaomo would really have given Qin Shanshan a tight slap on the face. She could not care less for karma – she did not believe in karma in the first place. After all, how would karma account for the people who had annihilated her family and Peak, yet later attained transcendence?!

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