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Novels by the heroine Ling Tian

Novels by the heroine Ling Tian

Author: Tai Shi Qifeng

category: Science fiction

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-27

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《 Novels by the heroine Ling Tian 》

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Jun Xiaomo lay on the bed, seemingly trapped in a never-ending nightmare. She desperately struggled to wake up, but to no avail. Her body involuntarily twitched from time to time. Her chest rose and fell violently in tandem with her furious breathing. Large globules of cold sweat constantly beaded up on her glistening forehead, frequently rolling down, percolating the gaps in her hair.

Her mother would get upset if she left the Sect for too long. The Jun Xiaomo today paid great attention to the feelings of her loved ones.

Introduction: 《 Novels by the heroine Ling Tian 》

A red light shot up to the sky. The dungeon that held the Lady Demoness Jun Xiaomo for hundreds of days on end finally collapsed with a loud tremor.

It was still early, and she felt like staying a little while longer. Dawn Sect was a place which reminded her of many depressing memories, and she wanted to indulge herself in this pleasant change of environment.

Now, faced with Jun Xiaomo’s question, Yu Wanrou could not help but think that the cat was out of the bag!

《 Novels by the heroine Ling Tian 》latest chapter

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