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Pokémon's new life

Pokémon's new life

Author: Hu Qirong

category: campus

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Pokémon's new life 》

“And, how dare you say that you are only ‘borrowing’? You just take an account now of what you have made me buy for you on the pretext of pleasing your brother. Have you ever repaid me for these things? This dress…these earrings…this bracelet…even this Interspatial Ring …”

“Was Qin Lingyu marrying me for the dowry he received?”

Introduction: 《 Pokémon's new life 》

Jun Xiaomo almost couldn’t hide the killing intent swelling from depths of her heart!

In reality, Jun Linxuan was really known to be a selfless person in the Sect. If not for the fact that the problem arose in her daughter’s body, he would never have lost his cool and almost break off relations with the Sect.

《 Pokémon's new life 》latest chapter

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