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Fu Yun Qi Jingyuan Rebirth

Fu Yun Qi Jingyuan Rebirth

Author: Jia Shangzhang

category: Online games

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Fu Yun Qi Jingyuan Rebirth 》

Jun Xiaomo had not slept so peacefully in a long, long time.

Temperance with extreme pain and hardship begets a powerful soul. This principle was thoroughly exemplified in Jun Xiaomo’s previous life.

Even so, the pain caused Jun Xiaomo to break out in cold sweat and shiver involuntarily. Seeing this, Liu Qingmei’s heart wrenched, pulsing with intense heartache.

Introduction: 《 Fu Yun Qi Jingyuan Rebirth 》

After fleeing for her life for decades and then spending more than three hundred days in that dark and dank dungeon, Jun Xiaomo had almost forgotten the carefree feeling of casually browsing at the markets. Jun Xiaomo took in sights and sounds before her. The dazzling array of goods on display at each booth. The merchants dressed in various bright-coloured garments – some standing behind their booths, while others sat lazily waiting for their next customer. Some merchants yelled loudly to promote their products, while others found themselves haggling with difficult customers. The hubbub of the bustling market brought a wide smile to Jun Xiaomo’s face.

“Thank you, martial brother.” Liu Qingmei tightly gripped the jade bottle in her hands. She lifted her head to He Zhang and said, “Once Linxuan returns from his closed-door cultivation, I will definitely get him to thank you properly.”

Jun Xiaomo almost couldn’t hide the killing intent swelling from depths of her heart!

《 Fu Yun Qi Jingyuan Rebirth 》latest chapter

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