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Gender Network

Gender Network

Author: Sheep Tongue Xiaoli

category: campus

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-27

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《 Gender Network 》

How many years has it been since she had last heard her mother’s tender call to her? She must finally be dead right now. Otherwise, how could she once again see her father and mother?

Jun Xiaomo had not planned to walk down the path of demonic cultivation again in this present life. Her previous life experiences were sufficient to pave a way for an extremely smooth spirit cultivation. That is why she saw no need to risk her life pursuing the ways of demonic cultivation. However, life had already determined otherwise. At the young age of sixteen years, Jun Xiaomo’s body had already been pervaded with demonic energy.

Introduction: 《 Gender Network 》

The vivid image of Ye Xiuwen lying in a pool of blood flashed across Jun Xiaomo’s mind, as though it were something that happened in recent memory. This was one of her past life’s greatest regrets and also turned out to be one of the greatest stumbling blocks in the path of her cultivation.

After finally expressing all that had been repressed in her heart, Jun Xiaomo felt much better. She shoved Qin Shanshan to the side, picked up that Purple Phoenix Feather Hairpin and said to the stunned merchant, “I’ll take this hairpin.”

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