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Concubine is hard to find

Concubine is hard to find

Author: Qian Meng Le

category: Fantasy

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-24

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《 Concubine is hard to find 》

“Don’t know? Ah-- When you kissed Qin Lingyu with this little mouth of yours, have you ever thought that for all intents and purposes he’s a married man, hmm?” Jun Xiaomo viciously pressed her thumb against Yu Wanrou’s mouth. Her sharp nails ruthlessly cut into Yu Wanrou’s lips, causing a trace of blood to ooze out, slowly running down the side of her face onto her chin.

“Of course not! Why would he tell you this and strain your relationship before he could extract every last bit of value from you?”

Introduction: 《 Concubine is hard to find 》

What is going on? Jun Xiaomo faintly remembered that just before she got injured, the flow of spiritual energy had been very smooth.

She regretted it all. She truly regretted it all. She should never have and stolen her brother’s jade token to enter the dungeon to bluster in front of Jun Xiaomo.

《 Concubine is hard to find 》latest chapter

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