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Novels by the heroine An

Novels by the heroine An

Author: Pang Qianning

category: history

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Novels by the heroine An 》

Mother, Father, and my fellow martial brothers and sisters, it will be my turn to protect you this time!

Jun Xiaomo’s memory from a long time ago resurfaced in her mind – when she was sixteen years-old, she was incited by Qin Shanshan to enter the Sect’s forbidden grounds, almost lost her life as a result, and even alarmed the Sect’s Court of Elders. However, because Qin Shanshan was Qin Lingyu’s sister and she wanted to please her sweetheart, Jun Xiaomo did not tattle on Qin Shanshan. Instead, she bore all of the punishment herself. The Sect Elders punished her in accordance with the rules of the Sect, almost taking away the remaining bit of life in her!

Introduction: 《 Novels by the heroine An 》

But if one peeled off the cover of that pristine image, how rotten must that core be?

Jun Xiaomo’s lips curled, evoking a cold smile as she said slowly, “Qin Shanshan, tell me. If you don’t have any mid-grade spirit stones, how do you intend to buy this hairpin, huh?”

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