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Modern novels

Modern novels

Author: Uncle Yucheng

category: history

Status: serialized

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latest update 2021-07-26

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《 Modern novels 》

“It’s fine. I’ve watched Mo-Mo grow up. As the Sect Leader, I feel guilty and responsible for being unable to convince the Sect Elders to show mercy to Mo-Mo. Take this gift as a token of my remorse.” He Zhang said as he pushed the jade bottle back to Liu Qingmei hands. However, even after the bottle were firmly received by Liu Qingmei, He Zhang continued to hold onto Liu Qingmei’s hands, and his eyes flashed with a trace of infatuation.

If not for the fact that she was presently too weak, Jun Xiaomo would really have given Qin Shanshan a tight slap on the face. She could not care less for karma – she did not believe in karma in the first place. After all, how would karma account for the people who had annihilated her family and Peak, yet later attained transcendence?!

Introduction: 《 Modern novels 》

“Jun…Xiao…Mo!” Yu Wanrou gritted her teeth as she uttered these three words. Even though she usually appeared to be weak, that was merely false pretenses carefully devised to attract the sympathy and pity of others. Deep down, Yu Wanrou was in fact a very calculative and vindictive person.

“Yu Wanrou, have you heard of these wise words – don’t do it if you don’t want people to know about it?”

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